Diabolist Dancer

This Is Silly But It Sticks To The Skin – 15 to 45 min.

Teser This Is Silly But It Sticks To The Skin – Studio Ynception

Prize of the Public at Festival Bastid’Art 2018 – Miramont de Guyenne, France

Favorite Show Prize at Festival La Grande Côte en Solitaire 2018 – Lyon, France

A timeless and universal message takes you to the train of life. The train of life? Yes, the one in which everybody gets in while not knowing where they may go.

Until then, be prepared, you will no longer be a spectator but a spectacular traveller !
Yohan Durand takes you into this metaphorical train where his amazing skills makes you travel at a frenetic pace. A special travel in the depths of his very own life where fineness and poetry meet. As a diabolist and dancer, Yohan Durand spins, jumps and tosses his body and diabolos all around the stage in a total physical and verbal commitment. An innovative travel between diabolo and contemporary dance, an authentic artist giving himself completely, letting the art of diabolo rushing under your skin.

credit : Peter Maerkl Peteryourlife
Aurillac 2018 – Jérém Photos