Yohan received his first diabolo in 2009 and never let it go ever since. As he was learning by himself, he developped a technical and visual way of juggling. Then, in 2013 he begun to be known as he was invited to perform on more and more stages. Because of his hardwork, his researches and his training led him to find bridges between dance and juggling. Hence, on each of his shows the public discovers new surprising ways to use a diabolo.
He received many on-the-job trainings ; added to his need of sharing and discovering, this took him to the world of circuses, of street shows, of cabarets and of festivals.

 His versatility and good humour eventually helped him to open many doors. He went to the TV show “France Got Talent” in 2015 and since then his career took off.  Now he works along the year at the Cirque Imagine on the border of Lyon, France as a juggler, a dancer and a juggling teacher at the same time. And, when the season is over, it is time to take advantage of summer to perform in the streets and in festivals, isn’t it ?